Payment doesn't go through

I am not receiving an SMS confirmation code from the bank?

Make sure that “online payments” are open on your card.

To activate this function, you can contact your bank with an application, and you can also check the status and activate the option through mobile banking (your bank’s mobile application).

Make sure that your current mobile phone number is registered with the bank.

Make sure that your card does not have a limit on the payment amount or that the established limit does not limit the amount of the current payment for the order.

Payment doesn't go through?

Make sure the card details you entered are correct:

Card number (entered without spaces), card expiration date, last three digits of the security code printed on the back of the card, first and last name in Latin letters, as on the card.

Make sure there are enough funds on your card for the current payment.

Make sure your card has not expired.

Payment rejected by your bank?

The most common reason why a card payment was unsuccessful is because the payment was rejected by your bank. For security purposes, your bank may reject a payment due to an unusually large amount or other reasons.

The best way to resolve the problem is to contact representatives of your bank and inform them that you are the one making this payment.

Problems with two-factor authentication (3D Secure)

Sometimes your internet browser may cause problems with two-factor authentication (3D Secure). To solve common browser problems, we recommend activating cookies and clearing the cache in your browser settings. If this does not help you, we recommend switching to incognito/private mode.

If you have problems with two-factor authentication (3D Secure), call your bank to clarify the information and make sure that your card is 3D Secure.


If you have unsuccessfully tried to pay by card several times, then even after replenishing your balance, you need to wait from 3 to 24 hours before making a payment again - the card is temporarily blocked by the bank’s payment system for security reasons.

In most cases, card payments are rejected for the reasons stated above. But if you see a more general error message, the best way to fix it is to try another payment method and report the problem to customer support and your bank.



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